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Ranger Guard – Louisiana

Louisiana Security Services


Ranger Guard - Louisiana


8710 Oak St Unit #26
New Orleans Louisiana 70118
United States


+1 504-285-4799

"Ranger Guard is a professionally owned and operated security firm. We are widely known for our strictest mode of recruiting, and the time we take to process each officer to ensure we choose the best to represent our name and protect our clients. Many of them were former military veterans or law enforcement officers. All of our guards are state-certified, licensed and insured. Ranger Guards have been trained in anti-terrorism and customer service, as well as defense tactics. Moreover, they maintain a professional appearance, including clean, pressed uniforms with identifying credentials, polished shoes, neatly groomed hair, and facial hair."


About New Orleans

New Orleans ( OR-l(ee)ənz, or-LEENZ, locally OR-lənz; French: La Nouvelle-Orléans [la nuvɛlɔʁleɑ̃] (listen)) is a consolidated city-parish located along the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of the U.S. state of Louisiana. With a population of 383,997 according to the 2020 U.S. census, it is the most populous city in Louisiana, third most populous city in the Deep South, and the twelfth-most populous city in the southeastern United States. Serving as a major port, New Orleans is considered an economic and commercial hub for the broader Gulf Coast region of the United States. New Orleans is also a region of French Louisiana, along with the Cajun Country. New Orleans is world-renowned for its distinctive music, Creole cuisine, unique dialects, and its annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras.



Client Reviews

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Benito Sureda Barral

Louisiana Security Guard

Our tenants enjoy the added security of having a security officer when they are open late. Their customers are escorted to their car if requested. The tenants have commented on how friendly and helpful the security officer is. He definitely adds value to our property and tenants.

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Lois Mile

Security Guard

I work as a general manager at a property investment firm. Im in charge of hiring different companies for general contract work. We had to let go of our security company due to the fact that they could not handle the homeless problem we had on multiple properties. After going through 3 other security and patrol services that didn

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Jeny Rose

Security Company

Our condos were being tented for fumigation and with the ongoing occurrences of theft we decided to hire security. We had an excellent guard! He arrived on time and was very attentive to our concerns! We were gone for 2 nights and very relieved that we made the decision to go with Ranger Guard, I believe is the owner, even came by the 1st day to meet with us. Extra reassurance and the price was affordable! Thanks for A-1 service and special thanks to our security guard Marshall!

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Billy Morich

Louisiana Security

When was the last time you thanked an AWESOME security company? If not every, lets take minute to thank Ranger Guard for a job well done. I am proud to say that Ranger Guard offers the best services around. The owners consistently reach out to us to make sure we are happy and satisfied! Because of their services, we received a 30% increase in occupancy. WOW!

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Stafin Smith

security service

I needed security guards for an event that I was hosting, I found Ranger Guard through google and called their office. I talked to the manager Lori, who sounded very professional and assured me that my security needs would be met.The day of the event the security guard was dressed professionally in a grey dress shirt with the company

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Frank Delgado


Our tenants enjoy the added security of having a security officer when they are open late. Their customers are escorted to their car if requested. The tenants have commented on how friendly and helpful the security officer is. He definitely adds value to our property and tenants.

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Moritz Sturn


Ranger Guard is the full package! They come on time and ready to go! The guys they have working for this team hands down are the best in town. They have an amazing communication level amongst each other. When they are around, I feel so protected and know that I don

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Christian Harrison

professional security

Mr. Billiot is the utmost professional, and the services he provides, as well as the employees he screens and thoroughly trains, are far superior to any others that I’ve encountered.

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Filp Scott

recommended guard service

Management and Guards were professional and friendly. I certainly would recommend Ranger Guard to anyone who inquired.

Profile photo

Geert van Breukelen

security business

Excellent professional service when ensuring safety and creating a piece of mind for all. Thank you!

Profile photo

Tomas Henry

affordable security guards

Very impressed with arranging my last minute request. I also called the accounting department to get a copy of the W9 for making you one of our vendors. I was happy with the service I received from your accounting group as well..

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Jeff Wyatt

best security company

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of security service that your company provides our Chemical Facility. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

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Nettie Lee

recommended security company

Ranger Guard is the most professional and reliable security company that not only provides an amazing service and takes its client

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Leroy Jenkins

guards near me

Can you imagine how hard it is if we dont have someone to patrol with our property? Thank you Ranger Guard for proving good service. I am impressed w/ the security guards

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Joseph Porter

security guards

Officer Kim just win every angle of the service. Thanks Ranger Guard for extending help and servicing our area!

Profile photo

Jean Perry

event security guards

I highly recommend Ranger Guard cos they have a quality customer service: responded quickly to calls and emails

Profile photo

Myra Lee

school security company

Ranger Gaard is an amazing security guard company, cos they take their jobs very serious and are very professional people. Thank you Officer Miley

Profile photo

Christian Campbell

complex security

I recommend them for having a fast paced process to get a quotation and see the agreement

Profile photo

Curtis Harrison

guards for hire

Ranger should be proud of having Officer Dickey with them. He assisted our VIP thru the exit and protected him from the crowd. Kuddos!

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Lesley White

24/7 security guard

Ranger Guard is the perfect company to hire security guards. They are very professional, on time and skillful. Will definitely extend more years with this company

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